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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mega Morning Oatmeal

I came up with this recipe to hide more nut based protein in my 6 year olds oatmeal. She has sensory issues due to her autism. She loves the flavor of nuts, but not there texture. On a plant based diet it can be challenging to get certain foods in her. Here is our new oatmeal recipe.

Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (Not the quick kind), or your favorite
Hemp Milk (unsweetened)
Almond Meal or Almond flour (you may grind your own from fresh raw almonds)
Use the same liquid to oat measurements as you usually do. Cook until almost at desired doneness and add fresh or unsulphured/unsweetened dried fruit. Add a little natural sweetener to your liking. We love maples syrup or agave nectar in our oatmeal. ENJOY !

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  1. Thank you for posting pictures of your garden boxes! We need some fresh ideas and the round one is very cool. God bless your family--assuming you are GF/DF...we went to Dr. Schulz and she used acupuncture to cure our dairy allergy. We've been working on my dd's peanut/tree nut now---she can't help celiac but can help a regular gluten allergy...just and fyi :).