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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our First Not Back to School Day 2012

We started our day with a big breakfast of pancakes,tempeh bacon, and almond milk. Marybeth had therapy, so we waited for her to return to have our outdoor celebration. Rebekah chose to do some Waldorf nature pictures in a drawing book. She did the number 5 and brougt five things inside to draw. A rock, a hickory tree nut/seed, a leaf, a yellow flower and small stick. She also traced her hand to show five fingers.
After Marybeth came home we had lunch, and headed outside. We picked strawberries, and harvested more carrots. Then the fun began, and the water hose came out. As the kids played with the hose and mud, I started planting fall veggies. Planted today: yellow and orange heirloom beets, spinach, broccoli endive, 2 types of cabbage, brussel spouts, red russian kale. By the time I finished planting, all three kids were covered in mud and dripping wet with big happy smiles on their faces. They stripped at the back door and rushed upstairs for baths. There clothes hanging over the deck rail as evidence of their fun.

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  1. I loved hearing about your first day. Thanks for linking up on Waldorf Wednesday-- hope to hear from you again next week!