Mountain Rose Herbs

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Garden Fair : Cowpeas

My favorite bean to eat as a child was crowder peas. They still are. I like them slow cooked with fresh green beans, garlic and okra. This year I started growing other types of cowpeas. I have come to the conclusion that every variety is uniquely delicous and melts in your mouth. I vote that they be the official bean of the South. Cowpeas are one of the oldest beans on record and come in a multitude of choices. They are easy to grow here in the south with little work. They grow wonderfully on tripods or trellises. My favorite source for seeds are Baker Creek Heirloom Co.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winterizing the Globe Artichoke

Four years ago I attended my first Heritage Harvest festival at Monticello and fell in love with the Jefferson gardens. Surprisingly, I saw globe artichokes growing. Something I thought could not grow in our Central Virginia region. This year I grew twenty from seed and transplanted five babies into the garden. They did well. Today I mulched them to get them ready for the winter. That is all you need to do for winter, pack them with a deep mulch if you plants are young like mine. If they are bigger you need to prune them back as well.
The kids had a ball today working in the garden practicing there pruning skills on trees.
The henny babies got there treat of all the remaining marigolds. YUM YUM !!